About the school



socrates School, is recognised as a center of learning and excellence, nurturing young minds from Kindergarten to standard five , allowing them to find and realise their true potential. The innovative curriculum features a broad range of subjects, each designed to foster key skills such as communication, problem-solving, enquiry, critical thinking, research & innovation, personal & social awareness and the spirit of enterprise. Of particular significance is the emphasis on the development of literacy and numeracy skills to meet the needs of learners across all age groups, given that we have students that form a wide spectrum of nationalities, communities and cultures.”  




We aim to be one of the finest private schools , recognising and celebrating the creativity, knowledge, and academic achievements of each and every student that passes through our doors, whilst instilling a culture of kindness that will allow them to flourish both now and in the future.

We believe that exceptional education should be accessible to all and we strive to offer our pupils the opportunity to excel in their chosen field, respect their culture, celebrate diversity, and become leaders for a better world, a better future




Creating a vibrant learning environment to empower students with skills to become :

  • Successful lifelong learners who value their own and each other's culture
  • Confident and focused individuals taking responsibility for their own learning
  • Responsible global leaders making effective contributions and a positive difference to society